Headlock represents Matthew Hayner, a proven talent acquisition professional with over a decade of successful strategic engagements spanning from Stealth Startups to Industry Leaders like Amazon, Intel, Yahoo, Oracle and more. Matthew specializes in finding key strategic talent with his ability to pinpoint and engage highly desired (and often passive) top-talent. Please visit his LinkedIn page for more detail on his projects and recommendations. Perspective customers are encouraged to review his testimonials below or on LinkedIn. These are from industry leaders and high-level candidates.   



Confidential Search

● Passive & Re-engagement Recruiting 

● Target Industry Search

● Rapport with “High-Touch" Executive & Target Hiring


● Building Leadership & Core Team

● Industry & Inter-company Referrals

● Forecasted Talent Acquisition & Retention Advisement

● Full-Life & Hybrid Cycle Talent Acquisition & Sourcing



  • Mobile UX/UI: Leadership & Team  

  • Mobile Apps: Leadership & Team

  • Mobile Products: Leadership & Team

  • Mobile Business Development: Leadership

  • Mobile for In-Vehicle : Leadership & Team

  • Mobile Marketing: Leadership

  • Digital Media Software: Leadership & Team

  • Digital Media Web Development: Team

  • Digital Media: Sr. Executive 

  • Digital Media: Sales

  • Digital Media : Product

  • Enterprise Sales: Leadership & Team

  • Cloud Sales & Technology: Leadership & Team  

  • Consulting ERP & CRM: Leadership & Team  

  • Advanced Search & Advertising Technologies:   

    • Thought Leadership for Research Science &    Engineering

    • Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics  

    • Microeconomics

    • Media Experience

    • Community Systems 

    • Computational Advertising 

  • Web Driven Technologies: Leadership & Team

  • Storage Technology & Services: Sales 

  • Semiconductor RF/Analog: Leadership & Team

  • Communications Technologies: Leadership & Team

  • Space Systems : Leadership & Team

  • Life Sciences: Team 

  • Business Process: Leadership




“Matthew Hayner is an amazing recruiter. We had Matthew help us conduct searches in UX, Design and Marketing. Each time, he has unearthed candidates that were top-notch, personally, and experts in their category area. Most importantly, Matthew pre-vetted all the candidates so that we only interviewed the best out there and saved us a tremendous amount of time in a challenging process. I cannot recommend Matthew enough. When I conduct my next challenging candidate search, I know who I will be reaching out to help me fill that role.”
— - Chia-Lin Simmons current: Head of Global Partner Marketing, Google Play / prior: Aha-Harman, Sr. VP of Marketing & Content, also named on Huffington Post as “27 Women in Tech You Need to Follow on Twitter”
“Exceptional staffing professional, strategic approach and effective business partner. His efforts resulted in multiple key hires across the organization. Outstanding ability managing internal customers & concerns from any location. He also ended our agency hiring, saving us thousands in fees. I highly recommend him.”
— - Jamie Dudley, current: SVP Sales, Americas at ForgeRock / prior: VP of WW Sales, Nimsoft/CA
“Matthew is a great professional and wonderful to work with. Quick to learn the details of new areas of work, he is excellent at making connections between work settings and people’s interests. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Certainly the smartest recruiting professional I have worked with.”
— -Elizabeth Churchill current: Director of UX, Google / prior: Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research Labs
“Matthew is a premiere recruiter who is dedicated, personable and able to find top-notch talent, even with seemingly impossible timelines. He has the expertise and knowledge to discern amazing candidates from good ones, consistently targeting and engaging us only with candidates that fit all our needs. Matthew made the process simple both for us and the candidate through his clear and consistent communications. It was a pleasure working with Matthew and would highly recommend him to any organization or professional to find a fantastic fit.”
— - Sara Kwan current: UX Design Lead, DreamWorks Animation / prior: Aha-Harman, Sr. Manager, User Experience
“Matt is a superb recruiter. Matt has an in-depth understanding of IT with good connections in the industry. He brought countless quality candidates to my attention and was instrumental in my making my hiring goals. If anyone can close a deal, it’s Matt.”
— -Tom Whitcomb current: Group Manager, Intuit / prior: Sr. Manager Software Development, Amazon-IMDb
“Matthew is a top-notch recruiter, very dedicated and hard working. He learned the challenges and intricacies of recruiting world-class scientific talent in record time and helped us build a great team in the face of relentless competition.”
— - Andrei Broder current: Distinguished Scientist, Google / prior: Yahoo! Research Fellow & VP Computational Advertising, Yahoo! Research Labs
“Matthew was a recruiter for two groups that I manage, and did a great job. I enjoyed interacting with him!”
— - Raghu Ramakrishnan current: Technical Fellow, CTO Information Services Microsoft / prior: VP & Research Fellow, Yahoo! Research Labs
“Matthew is extremely effective in talent acquisition, especially in research circles. He has a unique ability to identify legacy and corporate barriers and simplify the hiring process: making the transition for the candidate as easy and simple as possible. He is a valuable asset to any acquisition force and I’m very happy to have worked with him.”
— - David Shamma current: Senior Research Manager, Yahoo!, Co-Editor Arts & Digital Culture ACM SIGMM, ACM Multimedia Steering Committee
“Matt worked incredibly hard to meet & exceed Oracle’s recruiting objectives. He helped my teams exceed very challenging hiring targets and worked incredibly hard to find the best talent in the market. He is laser-focused on finding the right people, keeping them in the pipeline during the process and is a strong closer”
— - Lane Avery current: Consulting Practice Manager, Oracle
“Matthew Hayner was an integral member of the Enterprise Management hiring team at Oracle. He understood the immediate needs of the practice as well as contributed to the bigger picture and vision at our company. I know that his participation on future recruiting efforts will ensure success. There are many hiring challenges at Oracle and Matthew always stayed positive and blazed forward to meet our goals. He supplied high quality candidates and performed thorough screenings prior to involving the hiring manager. His professionalism and good nature allowed us to handle our tasks not only efficiently but also in strides. I appreciate all his efforts and assistance.”
— - Karen Hultslander current: Consulting Manager at Oracle Canada
“Matt is a top notch recruiter delivering amazing results. He exceeds expectations and makes an impact with every project. I would highly recommend Matt to support your most difficult hiring needs.”
— - Shannon Bravenec current: Director, US Talent Acquisition Lam Research / prior: Intel Staffing Operations Manager


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